Judith Seelig - changemaker

the magician's den

You are your own magician. Don't wait to be rescued or directed by another. I suggest that if ever there was a time for that, it's gone. Make space for the wisdom that you are to rise up and occupy the life you are living. But don't start with the familiar "I". That's not the part to be leading your life, but the part to be led. Open up to the unfamilar, the not yet known, the not yet realised in you. Dare to be insignificant in your scheme of things, so that in being less noticed you can change, and emerge as the glorious you. Don't show off. Delight in a quiet, unannounced inner exploration and incubation. Whatever is born will announce itself. Make your own den. Don't judge others. They might be trying to find a place to cultivate the glorious in them. We're all a little out of practice. Never fix people according to the opinion you have already formed. Allow for them to change, to grow and to emerge as their glorious selves just as you want that for yourself.

This page will soon give you access to soundbites from my den. They're to inspire, accompany, amuse and inform.  

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