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Cosmic MindFunk

Cosmic MindFunk: Here Comes the Shaman, Vol. I
now available on Big Sky Song and  iTunes >  

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This is the song of  the wild, of love in a landscape, starlight falling on dark water, our ancient selves. Vocals by JS and various frogs, birds and cicadas. Guitar, bass, keyboard and percussion by Tom E Morrison.  Music to zone out, to meditate, recharge or perhaps explore new fields of consciousness. Recorded, mixed and produced by Tom E Morrison 

Diggi Diggi Dang Dang

Diggi Diggi Dang Dang album with Kuljit Bhamra and Tom E Morrison, now available at Keda Records >

The Indian composer and tabla virtuoso Kuljit Bhamra invited me and my voice for a play session one day. We spent a few hours in the studio, voice, drums and all sorts of percussion playing off each other, then went for a curry. That evening he phoned. "I think we've got an album." Over to music producer Tom E Morrison, who added electronic grooves, bass lines and a design that shaped the jam session into unique "song" structures.

Diggi provided the soundtrack for a performance among the stones, "Sunset at Stonehenge" (see pictures right) as part of the 2009 Salisbury Festival.

'Alternately powerful, tender, funky and bizarre' - a remarkable love song between voice, drum and electronica that underlines a theme of grandeur and stimulates our awareness of the great big unknown.

Sick and Tired

Sick and Tired single by The Phoenix Rose featuring Voice of the Shaman in different edits including two by Pete Hammond (eleven No 1 hits in the UK alone) available from iTunes >