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Last updated July 2020

Judith Seelig Cosmic MindFunk
Cosmic MindFunk: Here Comes the Shaman Vol 1
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All yoga classes are currently online, using Zoom. One-hour guided classes, with me giving feedback, are for a maximum of five. Those in my regular classes say the sounds that I make, those that express the harmonics of a posture, or accompany each body as we glide from one posture to another, are no less affecting online. Dates for the next guided classes are July 19 at 5pm, July 21 at 7pm. You might be a complete beginner, or a seasoned practitioner looking for more insight, perhaps more of an allover blast of energy that has you plummeting at the end of class into deep stillness. Find out more about the yoga that I teach on the Yoga page >  

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Residential retreat at EarthSpirit in Somerset  

The twice-yearly residential retreats I hold at EarthSpirit are currently suspended. The next one scheduled is for March 2021, but if the covid-19 risk factors change for the better, there might be a long weekend retreat popping up at relatively short notice. If you'd like more information contact me> 

Appreciative Enquiry

 I am working with a London university to develop a way for people to quickly think more creatively and to identify untapped resources within themselves and each other. The purpose is to liberate people from self-limitation, and to encourage a much livelier collaboration among those who shape our future. See the leadership page for a taste of the physical awareness that forms part of the introduction to this system. For more details contact me> 


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