Judith Seelig - changemaker

one to one

Among a generous hand of inexplicable talents or gifts is my ability to 'read' the story in someone's body. Naturally I do not do this with everyone I meet. Not only would that transgress privacy, but I'd be in a state of perpetual overload.


If you invite me to 'see', I suggest ways in which you might usefully make changes in either your personal or professional life. The work is always to some degree physical, for the body carries the story of limitation, regret, objection, diminishment&hellip all that keeps any of us from living hugely our essential nature and our talents.

I always use sound. This works in several ways. Sometimes I make sounds that express an emotional state or a pattern locked into the body and its energy field, thus breaking the lock. There's no re-experiencing of the original emotional impact, only the relief of its release.

I also sing something of your essential note, the clear, powerful and beautiful you. This is very helpful if you've forgotten that aspect of yourself. Then there are the sounds that vibrate loose the mental and emotional bindings of an isolated condition, so that a sense of belonging is restored. All of this of course affects the physical body too.

There is always discussion and exploration too through language. I show clients how to use posture, breath or voice to become more still, centred and clear before making a decision, or changing direction, for example.

Each session is unique. I never prescribe a series. You return only if you want to, in your own time. Normally this takes place in a spacious, peaceful room in my home in north-west London. Occasionally I travel to a client.