Judith Seelig - changemaker


I have visions. Not ideals or ideas that I have myself developed, but images that inform a part of me that is receptor rather than generator. I know this because when they come I make no attempt to do anything with them, nor to understand their purpose or significance. I simply stay receptive.

all in the mind

These visions take different forms. Some, like a bow and arrow, are obviously images as metaphor. Some are landscapes, which over time I might identify and visit. Sometimes it's another form of life, like the face of a lion or a raptor. Mostly the images are of frequency, dancing patterns of light, often accompanied by otherworldly sounds. By otherworldly I mean sounds that I've not heard coming from a physical cause. These sounds I hear in one or other hemisphere of my skull. So these images are related to events occurring in the chemistry of my brain.

Originally I had difficulty in staying conscious when they came. If I was standing, I would stagger. Over time (they've been around for more than 20 years) I've learnt to ride the current, rather like surfing a wave. More often than not they're now my private "wow" moments. I'm delighted by the colours, amazed at the frequencies, their clarity, the movement. Yes, it's my own trip, but not at my behest. Neither do I pursue nor attempt to keep hold of the vision. The wave came, picked me up and dropped me back into the sea of consciousness, just as the wave itself disappeared.


Some of this I express through sound and music, though not by design. Often people who have experienced psychotropic drugs say that my voice has a similar effect to the drugs. I have worked with recovering drug addicts who report the high to be better, the coming down infinitely sweeter (I paraphrase their more colourful language).

brain wave

When image and internal video of landscape later materialise as a real place what is happening? I was once wired up to a machine that measured alpha, beta, delta and theta brain waves. The monitor had two screens, one for left and right hemispheres. I found that I could control delta and theta waves separately, making each line on the monitor rise and fall independently, and separately in left and right hemisphere too. Great fun for me and perplexing for the researchers, who suggested that perhaps I had conscious control of the unconscious.

Control no, access yes. Probably. Who can say? Very likely I am using parts of the brain mostly dormant in others and/or different parts of my brain are unusually communicating with each other. If this is so then it will be as a result of risen Kundalini, a physical phenomenon documented not only in yogic texts but in contemporary studies of human psychology/neurology.

the view from here

We live what we believe we can live. Maintaining familiar parameters might make us feel secure, but it might also limit our resourcefulness in responding to the many crises of our times.

the storyteller

Somewhere in my inner landscape, among all those sounds, colours, shapes and movement, narrative emerges. The story grows in the moment, always in relation to the people around me. So although there are common themes, each storytelling is different. Questions tend to elicit memorable epics. I'm always open to special requests. This is fun for me too, for I never know quite what will emerge.